Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

Hi All!
It's been a long delay since my last post but I'm back and hope to be a more consistent blogger. This week in particular has been a difficult one for myself and my family: my Dad's father passed away Sunday night March 7th. He was a great man, a wonderful grandfather to me and he is greatly missed. I love you Grandad!!!

On a different note, Spring will be here in 7 days!!! Hubby and I are itching to get outside and enjoy the nature around us. We recently began talking about raising chickens. And yesterday we brought home 14 little chicks! They are so cute!!! They are doing great and I am very excited about taking care of them and about the fresh eggs we will be collecting in the future. Right now I'm just enjoying watching and petting these cute fluffy little balls of sunshine!

Happy Saturday!
God Bless!