Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The dogs gave me a good scare today. When I went to let them in this morning before work, they were nowhere to be found. None of them came when I called either. I was very worried to say the least! They couldn't have been outside for more than 15 minutes. I called Mom and Dad for backup. Mom was on her way to help me so I got in the car and drove around to hopefully find them. I drove around and then saw a black dog from a distance. The dogs were about a quarter of a mile away at a tree farm. I pulled in and started calling for the dogs. The first one to see me was Charlie and he started sprinting toward me as fast as he could. Murphy and Hutch were right behind him. They all got right in the car just as Mom pulled into the tree farm lot.
We went to a wedding this weekend. One of Jason's Army buddies got married. Here we are afterwards (back at the hotel). We had a good time.

Remember these? I finally finished Jason's socks. One has been done for quite some time now but it's mate was just completed this week. Now his feet are warm :-) (If you are wondering what that dark spot is, it's apple cider: Jason accidentally dropped the sock in his apple cider mug right after I finished them).

And also I took a little video of Lilo rolling around in her ball. She's such a cutie!

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