Saturday, October 18, 2008

Preparing for winter

Tonight it's supposed to be cold so we brought most of our plants inside, covered our tomato plants and put our ceramic vases in the basement. Jason mowed the yard (hopefully for the last time this year). We also went to the pumpkin patch and bought some pumpkins. We both love fall weather!The trees have been gorgeous. The colors are so beautiful.

I just got back from Nashville last weekend. It was just a weekend trip (and it was a day of class) but I had a good time. I went with my mom and dad. Dad and I took a course. We also went on a carriage ride and to the Grand Ole Opry. It was a lot of fun packed into a weekend. I hope Jason and I can go to Nashville sometime soon for a nice mini-vacation. I think we could have a lot of fun!
This was my second visit to the Opry. It was the Opry's 83rd birthday the night we went. Below is the group Riders in the Sky with the huge birthday cake. Kenny Rogers and Darryl Worley were also there.

This was pretty cool. Check out all the pumpkins!
Here Mom and Dad are in downtown Nashville.

And below is a really cute gift that the girls at the office got for me for bosses' day! Even though I'm not really the boss (they were very kind to include me). :-) See her earrings and hair bow!

And here she is having a beer. I guess Jason thought she needed one ;-)

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kasiaiscarly said...

I love Nashville. I had lots of fun every time I've been!

I didn't know you had a blog :) I found it and wanted to say hey!!