Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The beautiful New River!

We spent last week in the mountains. The weather was great and the scenery was gorgeous! On Sunday we went out on the river with my (Emily's) mom and dad. We took three rafts and tied 2 together (for those of us who wanted to relax rather than fish). We all fished a little and we all caught fish! We were also pretty much by ourselves out there. We did see this guy out there though :-)

Here's Dad in his kickboat. He was tied to the boat Mom and I were in.
Here's Mom with her big catch.
Here I am with my whopper! :-)

Here's Dad with his catch.
At some point I switched boats and joined Jason. Here he is with his biggest catch of the day.
A picture of Mom and Dad making their way down the river.

Here's Mom rowing down the river. She looks pretty serious! :-)
Here's Jason navigating the river.

Jason's pulling in yet another fish!

A couple more scenic pictures.

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