Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beach Bums

Jason and I went to the Outer Banks this week for a little getaway. We stayed at the First Colony Inn in Nags Head. It was a great place to stay and we highly recommend it! It has a bed & breakfast feel but with more privacy than typical B&B's. (This is from our limited experience with B&B's - we've only stayed at one). :-)

Here we are at the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

On the way to the OuterBanks we stopped at the Blackwater Pro Shop in Moyock NC. Notice the shirt :-)
Here we are relaxing at the beach. The difference in Virginia Beach and the Outerbanks is amazing! We had a good portion of the beach all to ourselves. We even had space to fly a kite! See more pictures below.

Once we had enough sun for the day we decided to hit the outlet mall. It turns out Brad Paisley was just there filming a music video with Andy Griffith! We missed him by just a few minutes. We were told he was on his way to Oregon Inlet to film another portion of the video. So, after we finished our shopping we drove over to the Oregon Inlet to see if we could spot Brad. We couldn't get on the beach exactly where he was filming but we did get on about 50 feet away from where they were shooting the video. It was a pretty secluded area as you can see below where Jason is standing. We didn't see Brad but it was still cool to be out on the beach!

In the evening we drove over to Manteo which is a cool place. We walked down to the waterside and saw a couple of ducks. They were very cute! I've been trying to post a video we took of a cute duckling with his momma but haven't had any luck yet. That's the big reason it's taken me so long to post this. I'll keep trying.

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