Saturday, February 23, 2008

At the YMCA!!!

I took this picture last night. The boys like to hang out as close to eachother as possible. I like this picture because Murphy looks like he's smiling. The other two, however, look a little grumpy don't they?

Jason and I had an interesting evening tonight. We went to a class at the YMCA. What kind of class you ask? Couples Massage Therapy! It was great! It was from 6:30 - 8:30. There were 8 other couples besides us. Every couple had a massage table. Men wore shorts and women wore 1 piece swimsuits (in case you were wondering). :-)

A certified massage therapist taught the class. She's very good; Jason and I have both been to her before. The men got massages first. Starting with the neck, shoulders, and back area she systematically taught us how to massage each muscle group and then we went and practiced on our husbands. She walked around and helped us with our technique. After an hour, we got to switch and the women got to relax.

Although we weren't sure what to expect, we both really enjoyed the class.

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