Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

Today was a nice relaxing and fun day. It is Jason's first day off in 7 days. We had french toast for breakfast and ran some errands before coming home to watch our 2 basketball teams play. UNC played at 1 and KU played at 1:45. I'm happy to report that they both won big! Both games were fun to watch.

After the Kansas game we went to see Fool's Gold. We both liked it a lot. The last movie we saw in the theater was The Kingdom and although Jason really enjoyed it, Fool's Gold is more my taste. Then for dinner we ate Mexican food. We both had chicken chimichangas which were quite tasty.
Yesterday I took these 2 pictures of the boys on the couch. They are too funny! I got a closeup of Charlie so you could see his tongue sticking out while he sleeps. He also snores!

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