Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now, about that chinchilla

Now you've seen pictures of the dogs or "the boys" as we like to call them. But what about that chinchilla, you ask? Last night I took some pictures of our cute little chinchilla so that I could show her off today. Her name is Lilo. I (Emily) got her as a pet my first year of dental school. At the time I didn't know squat about chinchillas except for the fact that they were pretty cute little critters! I was actually scared of her for awhile; (they have some scary looking teeth). But, anyway she has been a great little pet. She is quite easy to care for and although she's nocturnal she isn't loud and obnoxious while we're sleeping. So how about some pictures! Lilo loves to be scratched under her chin. She just closes her eyes and relaxes.

You can see her house, along with her dust bath and wheel in these pictures. She loves Timothy Hay which is what she's munching on in the picture to the right.

Above, Hutch is enjoying one of his favorite hobbies: watching and whining at Lilo! In fact all 3 dogs enjoy that activity immensely.

This is what Lilo must see when she looks out of her cage:

Surprisingly, she doesn't seem scared of the dogs at all.

Below is a quick video of Lilo in action.


Anonymous said...

I have a chinchilla named Wal-e and I had a couple of questions to ask you. My wife and i have owned Wal-e for around 6 months now and he is so lovable! He likes to jump right out of his cage and crawl around your shoulders and sniff you. Does Lilo have the same characteristic? Like Lilo, he also loves to be scratched! If you scratch him just right he'll tuck his arm real tight to his body and almost fall asleep. How do you keep his hair that seems to accumulate in the room "down"? I was thinking about putting an air filter in the room and seeing if that would keep the furniture from collecting his fine hairs... Also, our dog Lilly has never snapped at Wal-e but how do you know for sure that your or my dog wont eat a chinchilla?!?!? It's scares my!

3 Dogs and a Chinchilla said...

Hi Joe!
First of all, I love the name Wal-e! Wal-e sounds quite friendly. Lilo isn't quite as outgoing. I usually let her out into the bathroom (small enclosed space where I can easily catch her) if I let her out free. Otherwise she has a large clear ball that she gets to run around in throughout the house. When she is free she is very curious and will actually climb up my arm and sit on my shoulder (while I'm sitting down). She is still cautious though and won't sit still long. She particulary enjoys running around the rim of the bathtub! I don't have a huge problem with her hair but I do have a problem with dog hair...just got a swiffer sweeper and dust buster to help with that!
As for the dogs...I don't let Lilo out while they are loose in the house. I either put them in their crates or let them play outside while Lilo is getting her exercise. I really don't want to find out what they would do if she was loose!
Enjoy Wal-e! Chinchillas really are good pets!