Saturday, March 8, 2008

Go Heels!!!

The UNC Tarheels just beat Duke!!! What a game! I enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Go Heels!!!
Kansas also won today. They beat Texas A&M. Basketball season is great! Especially when your team is doing well! :-)

Jason and I went to the NC mountains this past week. We had a great visit and enjoyed a week away from the hustle and bustle of the "big city." Jason had National Guard duty this weekend and so he didn't arrive until late Sunday night.

I've been a bit delayed in posting pics so here's one from Feb. 28th.
The dogs made themselves comfortable while I was taking a shower. They're so spoiled! :-)

We went to the NC mountains this week. I got there on Saturday and Jason came down on Sunday since he had National Guard drill this weekend. The dogs were really happy to see him!

Here are some pictures of our cuddly boys.

Hutch is lying on my lap in the picture on the left. My arm wasn't long enough to get a picture of all of us though.

Murphy and Charlie squished together so they could both lay on the doggie bed.

Charlie is soooooo CUTE!

Here I am with the small dogs, Sophie, Charlie and Keats (on my lap).

Here are Mom and Dad with their respective lap dogs.

Sophie and Charlie get pretty cozy on the couch.

Charlie and Keats were both trying to squeeze on Mom's lap.

Here's Charlie giving me another cute look.

Friday morning we awoke to lots and lots of rain. In fact, rained all 6 1/2 hours of our drive! I know we need the rain but it's not that much fun to drive in.

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