Friday, March 21, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow :-)

Me and Charlie and my new 'do!

Another beautiful day here in Chesapeake! I got my hair cut today. I've been itching to do something with it but didn't know what to do. So when I went to the salon I told the girl to just take off a few inches and give me some layers around the face. So we talked about it and I agreed to take off 4 inches. I was fine with that because my hair is pretty long and 4 inches really isn't much in comparison. So she cut about 4 inches off while my hair was dry. Then she washed it, usually a very pleasant experience, but this time I felt like she was pulling my hair out. Then, I sat down in the chair for her to brush out the tangles and cut the layers around my face. She said she was going to just straighten it up and cut just a little more. Before I knew it, a 3 inch strand was dropping on my lap. So, I just sat there while she finished doing whatever it was she was going to do. Turns out, she was layering all my hair and not so much around my face. All in all I think she cut 7 inches off.
The good news is that I actually like how it turned out despite it not being what I asked for. I was ready for a change. The real test will be when I try to style it myself. We'll see if I still like it then :-)

The whole thing reminded me of when I was about 12 years old and went to a hairdresser, picture of Kelly McGillis in hand, and requested he cut my hair like hers. (She's the girl from Top Gun). What I ended up with was what I call the 'mushroom' cut. Instead of being just above the shoulders it was cut just below the ears! And because I have thick hair it all just mushroomed out. Thankfully, today went better than that! :-)

Below is how long my hair was not so long ago. This picture makes me miss it!

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Anne Nillson said...

I can see why you miss it. Your hair is truly lovely. It's almost the same color as mine, but it looks like yours is thicker and has more body. I'm jealous!