Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's growing!!!

It's growing! Slowly but surely the sock is progressing. I worked on it quite a bit today. I've still got about an inch and 1/2 before starting the toe. To keep things interesting I started another project last night. It's a felted bag. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. I don't have that much to show yet so I'll wait until I have a little more done. I planned on knitting more on the bag tonight but the sock has worn me out and I don't think I can stand to knit anymore for the rest of the evening.

Currently the dogs are being quite annoying. They are all fighting over a yellow flashing ball. Murphy is growling, Hutch is whining, and Charlie is just running around trying to get the ball (well, now he is being vocal too!) Hopefully they will calm down at bedtime, which is quickly approaching.

Jason allowed me to take yet another picture of his foot so I can show my progress. Thanks sweetie!

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