Sunday, April 6, 2008

2 Socks on 1 needle!

I've been having fun knitting today. In previous posts I showed you the sock I knit for Jason. I say "sock" singular because I have yet to finish the second one. I was afraid of this: 2nd sock syndrome. The good news is that I have started the second one. I have about an inch on the leg done :-) It's not much but it's something.
Yesterday I treated myself with a trip to the yarn store. I went to Knit Wits in Virginia Beach. It's a really nice store and the ladies in there were extremely friendly and helpful. I bought a 47" size 1 needle so that I can try my hand at making 2 socks at once. I thought I would try several techniques to see which one I like best and also just so I could learn how each one works. I made Jason's sock (am making his other sock) using 2 circular needles. I also bought a set of size 1 double pointed needles to make another pair using that method.

Below is some sock yarn I bought several months ago before I had ever made a sock. It's Lorna's Laces yarn, color Rainbow. I've been itching to use it!

Here it is after unwinding it.
And here it is on the yarn swift so I can wind it into a ball.

I took a picture after knitting a few rounds to show how there are 2 socks on 1 long needle. I love using this technique!!! It's great! I want to knit all socks like this!!! It's so great seeing 2 socks made at the same time. And I know they are going to be the same size! (I'm not sure Jason's 2nd sock is going to be exactly like the first but I'm hopeful.)

Anyway, as you might remember, Jason's socks are gray. The socks I'm making now are so colorful and cheerful! That fact coupled with making 2 at the same time makes me LOVE knitting them. I think the magic loop technique is one of the coolest ideas ever! I can't wait to knit some more tomorrow!

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