Tuesday, April 8, 2008

GO JAYHAWKS!!! 2008 National Champs!

What an exciting game!!! The Jayhawks are the National Champions! It was a great game. Jason was/is so happy!!! It's pretty cool they won 20 years after their last one.

Jason and I were watching hopefully even as Kansas was down by 9 points with 2:12 left in the game. The next thing we knew, Kansas cut the lead to 56-60. After Memphis made 2 more free throws and Kansas made 2 free throws and a 2-pointer, the score was 60-62 and there were 44 seconds left in the game. Memphis missed several foul shots but hit 1 leaving 9 seconds in the game. There was still hope! When Mario Chalmers' 3 pointer with 3.4 seconds left in the game tied it up and sent the game into overtime Jason and I were ecstatic!!! Once overtime started, we both felt like it was KU's Championship to win!!! Now Jason is looking to buy all the KU Championship gear he can find :-)

And Now....

I promised you some pictures in my last post but I'm just now getting around to putting them up. Last week my mom and dad visited us and brought along their dogs, Sophie and Keats. We had a great time visiting museums and going out to the river/ocean. Dad brought his rib boat so he and Jason could do some fishing. We went to the Mariner's Museum, the Nauticus, the Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Beach aquarium.

Here are some otters at the aquarium. They're my favorite! They are so playful and fun to watch. The Virginia Living Museum also has a great otter exhibit.

Here Jason, me and Dad are in front of the Harbor Seals at the aquarium.

We also watched some basketball while they were here. Hutch was sneaky! He climbed up on Mom and Dad's laps when Jason and I weren't watching.

Did I mention we had 5 dogs in the house? I love this picture!

As I mentioned above, Dad brought his rib boat so he and Jason could do some fishing. Somehow they talked me into going for a ride. It was a bit chilly that day and Dad let me borrow his hat. Thanks Dad! Considering how I look in these pictures (especially the first one with glasses and hat and all) I thought about not posting them but Jason is smiling in the first one and I'm proud of myself for actually getting out in the boat and braving my fears so here they are!

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