Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Battle of Yorktown

Jason and I went to Yorktown, VA this past week. We had a great time! We walked through the town, had a great lunch, and toured the battlegrounds. Jason taught me a lot about the way the battles were fought and pointed out a lot of things that I wouldn't have noticed on my own. It was pretty amazing that the trenches and cannons were still there after more than 200 years. Before going back home I twisted Jason's arm to stop in the knitting/yarn store in town. Not really. He usually doesn't mind if I go into knitting stores, as long as it's not a lengthy stay. :-) Just like I tolerate Bass Pro Shops every now and again!

Here we are, in our usual pose, along side of the York River. Yorktown is a lot prettier than I had imagined.
Here is the Carrot Tree Restaurant where we ate lunch. It was delicious! Jason and I both had a crabcake sandwich and we shared a piece of carrot cake which was quite yummy!
The 2 pictures below are British Howitzers that were captured during their surrender.

This is the Moore House. It's the house where the British surrendered to the Americans. It's a beautiful home and in a beautiful location. Apparently it was quite damaged during the Civil War but it has been restored to it's original glory.
This is the view from the Moore House overlooking the York River. Great view, huh!?!

This is the room in the Moore House in which British General Cornwallis' representatives met with General George Washington's representatives to determine the terms of the British surrender.

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