Saturday, April 26, 2008


Jason and I went to see Dockdogs this weekend. We've seen them on the Outdoor channel and now we've seen them in person! We took all 3 dogs with us out to Virginia Beach for the event. Check out the video below. It's a clip of Country, a dog with one of the longest Big Air jumps ever! Keep watching til the end and wait for the splash.

Here's another jump, different dog.

We took each dog out separately to walk them around and let them partake in the festivities!

We also bought a new toy for the doggies. It's a big hit with all 3! We've never seen Hutch get so excited about a toy.

It's mushy!

It's squishy,It's portable,
It can also be used as a headrest.

And it's just plain fun!

In this video you can watch the boys in action. Jason and I had a lot of fun just watching them all afternoon.

Murphy is thoroughly enjoying himself!

The dogs were worn out after all the playing.

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