Sunday, April 13, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend!

We've had a great weekend! Yesterday morning I went to Yarn for Breakfast, a knitting group I joined. It was a lot of fun. They're a great group of people! Then in the afternoon Jason and I went to Pet Palooza. I saw it advertized a few days ago and thought it would be cool to check out. The Neuter Scooter was out front. I just had to get a picture! There were a lot of venders there spanning the spectrum from pet communicators, pooper scooper services, pet sitters and pet supply stores to tooth-whitening and hot tubs. The fun part was seeing all of the animals there. Lots of people brought their pets, mostly dogs but we also saw birds and ferrets. There was also a pet/owner look alike contest that was pretty funny. We didn't bring any of our dogs. We thought about bringing Charlie but imagined him peeing on everything in sight. He likes marking his territory in new places!

Here are the pet/owner look-alike winners. I definitely see the resemblance! :-)

There was a tortoise walking around with a harness on his shell and a donation cup. He could actually move pretty fast! We also saw a Flemish rabbit (huge! as big as Charlie), an angora rabbit, a couple of oppossums, an owl, a chinchilla (not as cut as Lilo), a skunk, a Serval cat, several snakes(yuck), and some parrots. You could pay somewhere between $5 and $10, depending on the animal, to have your picture taken with the animal of your choice.

This is the tortoise. He was moving so fast it was hard to get a good picture of him. No, seriously, he was!!! Jason and I both had to side-step because he was about to run into or over us :-)

This is a Flemish rabbit. This is the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! It's not the best picture but check out this to see what a whopper of a rabbit they can be.

This is an angora rabbit. I bet he is a softy!

These are some other rabbits + guinea pig that were there. Aren't they cute all snuggled up together!!! The guinea pig would stick his head out every now and then to see what was going on but other than that they all just hung close together. They were very friendly!Here's the owl. Didn't pet him :-)

And here are the parrots!

After perusing Pet Palooza, we went to a movie, Street Kings. Jason picked this one :-) I took my knitting along in case I didn't like it. I've never done that before but thought I would bring it this time since I really wasn't looking forward to the movie. After about 20 minutes and a very violent action scene, I decided to try knitting in the dark. I thought it would at least help me relax a little more (bloody, violent movie scenes aren't my thing). When we left the movie, we couldn't wait to see how my knitting had turned out. We walked to the Mexican restaurant after the movie to eat and see just how the sock turned out. We both got a good laugh out of it! :-)Somehow one side turned out just fine. Sorry it's blurry.The other side however....

I've gone ahead and continued knitting despite the mistakes. Jason said he thought I should leave it the way it is and we'll have a little laugh every time he wears them. I thought that sounded like a good idea. :-)


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